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Broadcasting an eclectic mix of Soundtrack music from Movies, Games and Anime from around the world. Tune in and ENJOY!!!



FLIXMIXRADIO is a free online radio station that broadcasts an eclectic mix of soundtrack music from the best and one-of-a-kind movies, games and anime from around the world. We have a certain depth, taste, originality and variety that continually exceed our listener’s expectations. Sign up free today and begin to enjoy the best of the future of radio. FLIXMIXRADIO, we leave you wanting more.


Hello friends,

I am a dedicated music and entertainment industry professional that has enjoyed growth as a composer/creator/producer over the past 20 years. I am truly excited to be able to broadcast to you some of my favorite all time soundtracks from the big and small screen that I hope you will thoroughly enjoy as well. Through this beloved genre (soundtrack) and this amazing broadcasting application I hope to create a platform that will foster creative growth and exposure among my peers and colleagues and help bridge the distance between the creator and the listener. Please stay tuned in to FLIXMIXRADIO and feel free to drop me a line at with your comments, feedback and support. Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcomed and are an important part of our development as we strive to bring you the best in soundtrack music from around the world.

Tune in, sit back and enjoy FLIXMIXRADIO.

Troy Bynoe

"Music is the vehicle that allows us to transcend boundaries"